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    About US Mart

    Patriotic Part

    US Mart sells only “Made in the USA” products. Established in 2012 by Venice High School alumni and professional veterinarian Molly Kraut, US Mart is a retail store located in beautiful and scenic Venice, Florida. US Mart sells only Made in the USA products including household items, toys, jewelry, pet novelty items and treats, candles and soaps. greeting cards, clothing and more. We at US Mart believe in The United States of America. We are blessed to live in this country that our brilliant forefathers and military heritage fought to create.

    US Mart sells only products “Made in USA” and does everything possible to research truth in origin while helping out our fellow countrymen.  Fair trade and free enterprise are part of the American spirit but to take it so far as to give away that which we have built is worrisome. To know from where your purchases derive can be a powerful good feeling for economic, safety, moral and environmental  reasons.  US Mart strives everyday to help each other support and maintain this great country. We understand how difficult it is to not only take care of oneself and family as well as it is to take care of others. We are a strong resilient resourceful people and we can compete.

    American Products, American Prices, American Pride!

    Phone: (941) 412-1872


    Location: 101 W Venice Ave #17, Venice, Florida, 34285

    Hours: Tue – Sat: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm; Sun & Mon: Closed (Please check by calling first as hours may vary in Summertime or ‘off-season’)

    Meet our Owner and Staff

    US Mart Family Owned