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March US Mart Newsletter

Hey Hey Hey again! March 2014!

You know how we hear we die for our country but will we buy for it? That really is a tough one. Will we? Do we really? ……. Most people are not willing to take the time and energy to go out of their fast paced lives. Get it fast, get it cheaper, get it easy, to try to make a difference for the people around them. It makes me happy to buy American and I want to pay it forward. I feel good inside when I support our fellow countrymen and I want others to feel the same. Shopping is happiness. I don’t feel cheap and that I am an overindulged American consumer with too many things and too many possessions when it is joyful to shop and know I am helping. I would rather have a smile and a hello than for someone to buy me an inexpensive, even though often well meaning, gift from a nameless factory in an unknown country. A homemade gift, a small baked item, something used or recycled, a donation to a local charity or the military, a made in USA anything really show me that you care about me and what we stand for here in USA. As Socrates said “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” I am not in a war against anyone in the world and I am not in war against China. I am in a battle to save our country and preserve our way of life. I encourage everyone to do the same and God Bless America!

Signing out for now again, Dr. Molly