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    March US Mart Newsletter

    March US Mart Newsletter

    Hey Hey Hey again! March 2014! You know how we hear we die for our country but will we buy for it? That really is a tough one. Will we? Do we really? ……. Most people are not willing to take the time and energy to go out of their fast paced lives. Get it fast, get it cheaper, get it easy, to try to make a difference for the people around them. It makes me happy to buy American and I want to pay it forward. I feel good inside when I support our fellow countrymen and I want others to feel the same. Shopping is happiness. I don’t feel cheap and that I am an overindulged American consumer with too many things and…

    February US Mart Newsletter

    US Mart Venice Florida
    Well the first thing everyone asks is why are you doing this?  I pretty much just have to answer, why not? Another is who am I and what does Dr. Molly have to do with the United States? I'm an American citizen and I believe in this country. I believe in the power of one. If each person doesn't stand up and try to do the best that they can do every day, we run the danger of losing our way. I'm a full time veterinarian, a faithful wife and a loving mother of two. I live the American dream and I am ecstatically happy that I am able to live here in the United States of America. I believe in pay it forward. So...